Tuesday 30 April 2019, London

Align 2019 Themes and Agenda Partners

Want. Need. Get. Aligning consumer trust in data sharing with business practice

Consumers are more aware than ever that their personal information sits at the core of the digital economy. As both participants and resource owners, their positive engagement is essential. Central to this is trust - in brands, their data protection policies and that they will keep their promises.

Businesses have had to adjust data strategies to reflect the new rights granted to consumers by GDPR, rebuilding processes and technologies accordingly. To get the data fuel for digital services, they need to keep customers engaged and onside. That means understanding the concerns and obstacles consumers have to data sharing alongside running data collection and management platforms.

This research-driven event will explore how these parties align around the critical moments of data collection, consent and permission management, and personalisation of the customer journey across three dimensions:

Want” - Emotional: what are consumers’ fears when sharing their data and what delights them in that moment? How can brands extend their values and voice into the data space?

Need” - Transactional: as consumers seek to do specific things in the digital and mobile space, what data-oriented services and solutions do they need? What do brands need to do to ensure they capture the data they need at the same time as meeting their customers’ service expectations?

Get” - Value: will consumers share data in return for services, or are they looking for specific financial returns? Can brands release more of the value that data has for them in return for a higher level of information and/or permission?