Putting data and digital at the heart of your business has an upside - pioneers outperform their rivals financially by 50% according to EY. Decisions informed by analytics can be made quicker, deployed more efficiently into data-driven processes and their effectiveness gauged in real-time. Harnessing the power of data and digital together transforms how an organisation operates.

There can be downsides, too. Your brand needs to take customers with it on this journey and avoid losing them to the always-on, price-comparing, review-sensitive behaviour of the Millennial and Generation Z consumer. It also needs to keep its own management and staff on-side - rapid change can feel threatening, with embedded working practices defended against newer, optimal alternatives. Transformations can go wrong and need to be scrapped and started over.

  • How do you embrace datafication and enhance the benefits you gain while derisking your transformation project?
  • Do start-ups have a built-in advantage through their lack of legacy or can incumbent brands disrupt themselves and deepen their market position through greater resources and customer relationships?

DataIQ Transform 2018 identifies the success factors that turn data and analytics investments from cost centres into value-driving, business as usual resources that support customer-facing functions, like marketing and CRM, and business-critical decision points, from finance and risk to service and R&D.

A day unlike any other - your chance to hear from the front-runners and then share your own successes, experiences and challenges with a curated peer group of fellow practitioners.

  • High-status keynotes give you insights from the frontline.
  • Roundtables provide a facilitated conversation around the issues.
  • A topline panel overview of how to get into the green zone of data-driven, analytics-informed business while avoiding the red lines.

​Learn from the industry leaders and harnesses the power of data and digital together to transform how your organisation operates.