1 May 2013 at St. Pauls, 200 Aldersgate, London

An Exciting One Day Data Programme

Eventbrite - DataIQ Now!

Doors open from 8.30am with registration - The programme commences at 9:30am

09.30-10.00 Welcome - David Reed, Chair

Keynote 1

Showing your company the true value of data

James Morgan, head of information strategy and management, business intelligence

Telefónica UK

Telefónica is a good example of the data journey. Clearly a leader in its field now, it did not start that way but has progressively built up its capabilities - and with that, the internal belief in what data can deliver. James will talk about what has allowed that development plan to work within the business. His presentation will consider how the data function can start to create hard proofs of the value it is delivering in order to respond to such comparisons with other functions.

Key Learnings:

  • Make information accessible, demonstrate how it supports great experiences and drives value for customers and in turn the company
  • Setting a strategic vision is critical – delivering successfully needs buy in and commitment from across the organisation

Keynote 2

All Change - The impact of the new Data Protection Regulation

Dave Evans, Group Manager, Business and Industry

The Information Commissioners Office

Data Protection law is the subject of many frantic conversations at the moment.  The law will change but when?  How much?  What will it mean for my organisation?  This talk will dispel some unhelpful myths but also set out the areas your organisation needs to start looking at now not only to ensure you stay out of trouble but also to help you be at the forefront of good practice development.

Key Learnings:

  • An update on the legislative process
  • The headline issues that organisations need to be aware of
  • The ICO’s current view
11.00-11.30 Coffee break and networking

Stream A

Unleashing Data Value


Stream B:

Marketing Technologies: Empowering the Revolution

Stream C:

Solving the Challenges of Big Data


Session A1

The data ecosystem: the evolution of new and existing data for maximum consumer insight

Danny Thompson, Strategy & Propositions

Experian Marketing Services

Are you maximising the new sources of data in the market? How can you make the most of what you have and leverage the new and evolving data sources? And how will this drive smarter customer engagement across every channel? this session will explore the answers to these questions, provide guide on what you need to consider, ideas for how you unlock more value from your data and ensure it all leads to better understanding your customers.

Key learnings:

  • Understanding how the data landscape is evolving
  • Explore how to compliantly unlock the potential of data
  • Discover how enabling data helps you engage with the connected consumer

Session B1

The 3 Zeros of Marketing Automation

Martin Smith, Head of Marketing


The face of Marketing Automation is changing. The use of Marketing Automation technology is key to ensuring that an organisation is achieving the ‘biggest bang for its buck’. To achieve this, marketers need to consider The 3 Zeros of Marketing Automation:

  • ZERO Segmentation – Engaging your customers into true 1 to 1 dialogues with relevant content/offers is key to achieving the highest level of engagement and ultimately, Return on Investment.
  • Influencing the ZERO Moment of Truth – With the growth of social media and the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones & tablets, the consumer now has the power to ‘make or break’ brand reputation.
  • ZERO Footprint – Marketing in the ‘Cloud’ is now changing the way organisations access sophisticated Marketing Automation technology without the need for huge investment.

Session C1

Big Data - The challenges of having too much - How "data capable" is your business?

Christine Andrews, Managing Director

DQM Group

The proliferation of data in organisations is leading many companies to assess how well they are using the data and whether or not they are maximising its value. This presentation will provide a methodology to measure and plan to be a more "data capable" business


Session A2

The more data you have, the more you know your customer

Paul Kennedy, Head of Consulting


Is this really true? What are the potential downsides of swimming in data? What can this mean for marketing activity and what about the impact on target audiences? There's lots of hype around at the moment about 'big data' but data without commercial context and proper application is an easy trap to fall into. This session will examine realistic approaches to using data to generate insight to enable smarter decisions - for you and your customers.

  • Learn about data planning from the perspective of the consumer
  • See the full range of consumer data that is now available
  • Learn how to select the right data

Session B2

Connect…data, channels, messaging, processes, insight, and the overall customer experience for maximum ROMI

Nigel Grimes, Senior Consultant

Teradata E-Circle

The multi-channel world has turned omni-channel and whilst the use of a specific channel may not lead to a direct sale it may still heavily influence it. Marketers therefore need real insight and real-time decisioning to ensure they engage customers with personalised and relevant offers at the right time and via the right channels. A data-driven and integrated marketing strategy will equip marketers with the insight and tools necessary. Attend the Teradata eCircle session and learn how to:

  • Utilise all customer interactions
  • Orchestrate omni-channel personalisation
  • Personalise: at the right time with the right message in the right context

Session C2

When Big Data meets Personal Data

Alan Mitchell, Strategy Director


  • Most Big Data is personal data in disguise. Yet the inner logic of Big Data (e.g, data maximisation, discovering new uses for data) contradicts the rules of personal (eg, data minimisation, consumer consent limited to use of data for specified purposes). Does the one simply have to give way for the other? The search to the square circle is on, and the answers may come from unexpected quarters.
  • Discover what data types you need to consider as personal
  • Learn how different data flows require specific treatment
  • Consider how your strategy needs to adjust to a fast-changing data environment
12.30-2.00 Lunch and networking

Session A3

Getting data into every channel

Matt Bennathan, Head of Digital Partnerships


Gain insight into using your CRM and 3rd party data to power direct mail, email, outbound call centre, SMS and digital display channel activity – concurrent multi-channel activity both online and offline will produce more awareness, direct response and cross-channel up

  • Learn about the latest developments in targeted advertising
  • See what data can now be used to drive advertising
  • Highlights opportunities for increasing marketing ROI

Session B3

Mobile Marketing Masterclass

Maggie Shepheard & Fiona Sweeney


The do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing in today’s upwardly mobile society. This session will look at the different types of mobile marketing, how they can be applied profitably to your organisation, and the fundamentals for good mobile marketing practice. For organisations who want to deliver amazing customer experiences that will have you in the palm of their hand.

  • understanding the critical role that mobile plays in your multi-channel strategy
  • how to maximise engagement and deliver ROI through the mobile channel
  • avoiding the pitfalls through best practice

Session C3

Drowning in data or swimming with insight? Getting value from Big Data

Ryan Cotton, Head of CRM, E.ON UK & Kevin Raja, EMEA Analytics Solutions Strategist KXEN


In theory, Big Data means big value. However, in practice, problems with data dilution and complexity means that the bigger data, the harder it is to extract value.  KXEN and E.ON explore this Big Data paradox and show visitors ways to swim to success, in a sea of Data.  Learn :

  • How to get ahead in the data driven marketing arms race
  • Easy ways to extract meaning from large data sets
  • Quick wins from unstructured text and geo-location data

Session A4

Investment in Data is Booming.  But where are clients spending and why?

David Reed, Editor

Data IQ

Findings of the DataIQ 2013 State of the Nation Research sponsored by Neolane
Adoption of data as a key business asset is just one of the main takeouts of this fascinating new research.   Over 50% of organisations are increasing their investment in data tools in 2013.   The biggest drivers for data investment include gaining better customer insight, enhancing customer profile information through social media profile data, and improving marketing performance.  
Key learnings:

  • What is driving the investment
  • Where major brands are prioritising their spend
  • What is helping and hindering the impact of the investment.

Session B4

Intelligent Marketing - Meeting the Needs of Today’s Empowered Consumers

Will Stuart-Jones and Alex Simonson


The digital and data revolution is creating a new consumer, one who understands the possible and expects to be treated as an individual.  The new empowered consumer only wants to receive relevant and engaging experiences with easy access to products and services through preferred channels.

This session is delivered by leading campaign management and analytics specialist SDL (the company that acquired Alterian).   They will draw on the experiences of major brands from sectors including finance, retail, telcos and not for profit and how these brands are using intelligent marketing to achieve business success.

  • Understanding the empowered consumer
  • What is possible in today’s fast changing environment
  • How to use the right message, at the right time, through the right channel – relentlessly, millions of time over
  • Key lessons from leading brands.

Session C4

Myvouchercodes.co.uk: using reputation and engagement to improve email programme effectiveness

Guy Hanson,
Director Response Consulting EMEA
and David Marrinan-Hayes, MyVouchercodes.co.uk


The rules of email marketing are fast chang- ing: reputation and engagement metrics have become critical data points to gauge email marketing program effectiveness. In this session, you will find out about the new metrics available to digital marketers today to measure success, as well as learn from Myvouchercodes.co.uk about how they have gained data-driven insight into their email programs.


Session A5

First Mover Advantage – using trigger data to drive insight

Keith Jones

Royal Mail Data Services

Every year some 1.5M people move home.  They spend on average 6x more than the average consumer over the 6-months following the move.  Nobody knows more about movers than Royal Mail. Hear how Royal Mail is the gateway to this important audience and how its unique insight can help drive sales to this valuable audience.

  • Learn about the opportunities of moving why it’s such an important market
  • Find out why Royal Mail is the place to come to address this key market

Session B5

Debunking Big Data: 3 Warts-and-all Case Studies of How the Law of Diminishing Returns Can’t Be Ignored in Data-driven Marketing

Perry Malm, Account Director


Without a doubt, “Big Data” is the catch phrase of 2013.  However, with more data comes more irrelevant noise – the key is to invest time and money where the returns are biggest.  In this session. Parry will go through three real world examples of how “intelligent simplicity” will deliver you the best ROI, regardless of you BIG your data is.

  • Find out how to differentiate correlative from causal variables
  • Learn where to find smart, quick wins in your data set
  • Know how to determine when your return on data investment is diminishing

Session C5

Do not pass go - online data and compliance

Stephen Groom

Osborne Clarke

New rules for online behavioural advertising as well as the "Cookies Law" are changing how digital marketers can track users of their web sites. With the US adopting Do Not Track as a near-default for web browsers and the possibility of “explicit” consent being needed for “profiling” by new European Union data laws, the regulatory challenges to online data capture and web analytics are changing fast. To understand the legal position, what is currently allowed - and what may be outlawed - join Stephen Groom, co-chair - advertising and marketing law group, Osborne Clarke, for this insightful session.
Learning points:

  • Key impacts on behavioural targeting of new UK laws and codes
  • The global perspective on tracking online consumers and staying compliant
  • Potential implications of new EU data laws for online data capture and analytics
3.25-4.00 Tea break and networking

Keynote 3

Hitching the Business up to it's Customers

Tony Lewis, Head of Member Marketing

The Caravan Club

The Caravan Club is on a journey towards greater customer-centricity, driven by the creation of a single customer view. By bringing data on its members together into one place, the club will be able to manage its customers more effectively, leveraging insights gained such as through a new segmentation model. In this session, Tony Lewis, head of member marketing, talks through the organisation’s CRM and SCV projects, including the integration of online data and the way it will achieve payback from its data-driven marketing.

  • Learn how to create a truly integrated view of club members
  • Find out where the benefits can be found from investing in data
  • Discover what transformations take place in customer management as a result

Keynote 4

Creating a group-wide insight function for enterprise-wide benefit

Max Kelly, Former Managing Director

Virgin Insight

Barriers exist within every organisation to the recognition of data as a driver of value. Some of these are down to business functions having the conviction that it is their knowledge or gut feel which make the difference. Others are the fault of the data function itself, which is only just learning how to talk about itself to the business. Max will talk about the how Virgin Insight developed, the opportunities and barriers he encountered, and how those lessons are now being put to work for other end-users.


Closing Remarks
David Reed, Chair

  Networking and drinks reception at The IQ Talent Awards Party.. (Read more here)
5.15-6.30 Drinks Reception at Fabric
6.30-7.45 IQ Talent Awards Presentations (Free for NOW! delegates)
7.45-1am IQ Talent Awards Party (Free for NOW! delegates)
  (Note:All session titles and themes are indicative and subject to change)

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